Italy on February at the beach

With its temperated weather, Italy offers a great opportunity to enjoy the sun during gray and cold winter months.

San Felice Circeo, in Latium (Lazio), it’s particularly warm during winter season, because of its exposition to southern african hot winds.

On a sunny day of February, air temperature can reach 15, while during night it’s usually around 8 Celsius degrees.

With this weather you can hike, swim, paddle, walk or just read a book in the terrace like if it was May or June in any northern Europe country.

San Felice Circeo it’s located on the coast between Rome and Naples, and their airports (also low cost) are only 1 hour driving distance far from Circeo National Park.
Check the weather below in real time or have a look to a video shot in February 2017 on a normal sunny day